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July 12 2014

Not sure if I want to live on this planet anymore
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July 04 2014

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June 30 2014

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Yeah, well... I'm gonna go build my own theme park, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the park!
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June 26 2014

Planet Express HQ in Belgium
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June 19 2014

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it's always Coffee Time
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June 16 2014

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All glory to The Hypnotoad!
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June 09 2014



The intro cards for Futurama have always been one of my favorite parts of the show because people always talk about the old Simpson’s couch gag but this is just pure gold… I mean-

It goes from everything from 



and then they made fun of how much everyone reacted to the the infamous ‘dead dog episode’ that I cried about…




And then one time when the show got canceled…


and then when it came back..


you’re missing my favorite one though


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June 07 2014

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June 06 2014

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ksplice / kpatch


by seqizz

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The Zoidberg Business Cards We All Need

- funny pictures

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June 01 2014

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May 10 2014

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May 03 2014

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Futurama drinking game.
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April 03 2014

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March 29 2014

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March 15 2014

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February 27 2014

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